Frequently Asked Questions ~  ~

 Below are the most frequently ask questions we receive..............

"I think I am pregnant.  Can You help me?"
Yes, we can.  Are you late for your period?  Have you taken a pregnancy test?  We offer free pregnancy testing and help for pregnant women.  All of our services are free of charge.

"Can you tell me what services your center offers?"
Our center offers pregnancy testing, peer counseling, and other practical support for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.  All services are free of charge.

"Can I obtain an abortion at your center?"
Our Center does not offer abortion services or referrals.  However, we can provide free pregnancy testing and evidence based abortion education.

"Can you help me with items for my baby"
We offer a program called "Earn while You Learn" -which consists of evidenced based pregnancy, labor, birth, delivery and baby care education.  By taking part in this program you can earn "Mommy Money" to buy the items you need for your baby from our "EWYL" Store.


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